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Borgata online poker review – The Borgata is the busiest and most well respected poker room on the East coast, and they have a stellar reputation for how they treat guests. The Borgata has been good to poker players for many years, and their online brand looks to continue that trend by creating a site where online players can feel as comfortable as they do in the live poker room in Atlantic City.

American players can play online with Borgata Poker because New Jersey and Nevada have legalized and regulated online poker within their state borders. So far only a few licensed operators are offering online poker, but the Borgata is serious about creating an online poker brand and they have the cash to spend, so we expect them to continue to grow. If player pools are combined with other states, the sites based in New Jersey are in a great position to become the biggest sites in the country.

One of the biggest problems in online poker has been that sites don’t always have the money to pay their players. With a brand like The Borgata, we know that will not be a problem. They have been in business a long time and with the largest and most prestigious property in New Jersey, the Borgata is not going anywhere and will never have a problem paying out players.

The Borgata / Party combination has created the largest regulated real money poker site in the United states, with as many as 450 cash game players on at peak times. The combination of Party Poker, a well respected online poker brand, and Borgata, the most respected poker brand in New Jersey, should continue to bring in players in significant numbers and we expect the site to grow steadily.

There has often been a trend in online poker that the largest sites grow larger unless they make significant mistakes. Players like to see large prize pools in tournaments and a wide variety of available cash games, and once they find the site with the most traffic they tend to stay there and the site grows. This is happening with Borgata / Party, and many players are choosing to make the site their home for online poker in New Jersey, occasionally checking out other sites but coming back quickly.

Borgata Poker Bonus and Promotions

Borgata Poker offers a generous first deposit bonus of 100% up to $600. Matching your first $600 is a solid deposit bonus, and it clears faster than most other sites. You will receive $1 of your bonus for every four iRewards Points that you earn on the site, released in increments of 10% of your bonus. If you deposit the whole $600, then every 240 iRewards Points will release $60 of your bonus until you have received $600 in bonus money.

Borgata Poker also offers a nice selection of free roll tournaments where you can win something for nothing! You can start off with the $1,000 freeroll on Sundays which is just for new depositors, and then play smaller freerolls every day.

The Borgata’s iRewards Points program is solid, especially if you occasionally play live poker. players can earn between 1% and 15% in cash back rewards, and comps like free hotel rooms are also easy to get through the iRewards program. Even a brand new player at the lowest rewards level will still earn 10% cash back if they choose to redeem their iRP in Borgata comp dollars and the iRP can also be spent in the iRewards store or turned into bonus dollars on the site.

Payment Methods

Getting cash on to Borgata Poker should be easy for almost anyone. You can deposit money right at the casino cage at the casino, or choose from a multitude of options including -

  • ACH / Bank Transfer – Easy transfers from your bank account
  • Credit / Debit card – MasterCard or Visa
  • Neteller – Simple online deposits from the industry leader

Almost anyone can deposit money on the site within minutes online, and for the few players who don’t have those options available the casino cage or Borgata Card options will always work.

The Borgata Software

Borgata uses the same software as Party Poker and they also share a player pool. The software looks great, though that is not necessarily indicative of how well it works. The software works better than it did immediately after the launch, but it still has issues with opening very slowly and freezing up in some spots. Geolocation issues happen on occasion as well.

Borgata Poker Software Review

There is a mobile app, but it is very simple and not very effective at this point. We are told that the app will improve soon, and other software issues are being fixed over the coming months. The one issue that will not be fixed is the lack of table selection. This is intentional, built into the software, and will not change any time soon. Some players like it, but many players complain about the lack of choice.

Borgata allows you to play directly from their website in a browser for times when you are not at your usual computer. This saves time so that you can be playing from nearly any computer within moments. While the downloadable program has more features, playing in the browser works fine as long as you have the most recent version of Java installed.

Customer support has had some issues, particularly with long wait times, but this kind of problem is usually fixed quickly. Many players have reported issues in dealing with tech support, but in gambling halls on the East coast, this is fairly standard. No matter where you go in Atlantic City, you are likely to run into customer service people who are terse and unsympathetic, so this is not a surprise.

Security is an important issue at Borgata Poker, so they have an advanced random number generator and a dedicated team working to prevent collusion. The software may have some issues, but it appears to be secure.

Available Poker Games

Borgata offers the standard no-limit holdem cash games at a variety of buy-in and blind levels, as well as short-handed games where only six seats are available. In addition, they offer limit holdem, pot-limit Omaha, and pot-limit Omaha high-low. The Fast Fold Holdem games are much like Rush and Zoom poker from Full Tilt and Poker Stars, a game where you can get in as many as 600 hands per hour by getting a new table and a new hand as soon as you fold. Fast Fold games are perfect for ADD action junkies who need more gamble in their gambling and more action while they are in action.

The tournament schedule is one of our favorite features of the site. Sit and go tournaments run regularly and are offered at all levels, and scheduled tournaments from micro-stakes all the way up to serious money tournaments with thousands at stake, are all available from the tournament lobby.


The Borgata has been the biggest brand in New Jersey poker since it was built, and in their partnership with Party Poker they have found a strong ally. The software isn’t perfect, but it’s good and it looks great, so a few minor bugs won’t be enough to keep us away and many other players feel the same way. In combining player pools with Party Poker, The Borgata has been able to start off with a large number of players, offering a good selection of games at all times day or night. The only way to know if Borgata Online Poker is right for you is to download the software now and try it out!

Borgata Poker Bonus

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