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While our list of tournaments can help you find every major tournament series in North America, it doesn’t do you much good to play hundreds of tournaments unless you are going to win a few of them. Tournament poker is an incredibly complex game, and learning to play well takes some real study. While we can’t cover it all on one web page, we can certainly point you in the right direction. Below you will find a list of resources recommended by world class players and coaches.

Tournament Strategy Books

Winning Poker Tournaments On Hand at a Time Volume 1 by Rizen, Apestyles, and Pearljammer – Three world class players take you through a tournament describing how and why they played each hand. The first two volumes of this series are fantastic, and the best source for current thinking on tournament strategy. Having three different perspectives is a nice touch. A must read for any serious tournament player.

Winning Poker Tournaments On Hand at a Time Volume 2 by Rizen, Apestyles, and Pearljammer – Where volume 1 left off halfway through the tournament, volume 2 picks up once the players are in the money. Short stack play, resteal strategy, and payout structure considerations are all covered in this book. Great stuff.

Tournament Poker for Advanced Players (Expanded Edition) by David Sklansky – This book covers many of the skills you’ll need to transition from cash games to tournament play and does a good job of covering tournament theory. It is not an in-depth strategy book, but definitely worth reading.

PokerXFactor.comWhile there are a huge number of subscription based poker training sites, PokerXFactor has been the leader for years when it comes to tournament poker. With some of the best players and coaches in the world making videos and podcasts, writing articles, working with players on the forums, and even doing live chats multiple times per week, PXF is the best resource available for taking your tournament game to the next level. Use bonus code Fox50 to save $79 on your joining fee.

Coaching – Hiring a coach is the best way to improve quickly and make sure you are getting good advice. The best of the best in any profession hire coaches to help them. From chess to golf and from the sports world to the business world, the serious pros have coaches and mentors to help them improve quickly and stay at the top of the game. Many players don’t realize how competitive the poker world is, but your favorite player probably has a coach, and you’re going to have a hard time catching up if you don’t have one too. has the most complete list of reputable coaches online.

Strategy Pack – Keep an eye out for the Tourney Tracks Strategy Pack, which should be out sometime this summer. With podcasts from some of the best players in the world, articles, basic strategy information, a book, push/fold charts and everything else you need to give your game a serious kick start, our strategy pack should make a big splash in the world of tournament poker training.

Links to Resources – Pocket Fives is a great resource for all things related to tournament poker, especially if you play online. They rank the best online players in the world and in your local area, offer strategy and news articles, and their forums can be an excellent resource as well.

TwoPlusTwo MTT Forum – While the large twoplustwo community can be frustrating, there is a great deal of useful information on the site. - With free charts on the site and inexpensive laminated charts available for purchase, there is no excuse to make a mistake with a short stack ever again. – The most common reason for failure among players who want to play part or full time is a lack of bankroll management. BankrollTools has excellent calculators and advice, and it’s free. Go there now and go back often.



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