Tournament Efficiency Rating (TER) Calculator

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Compare Poker Tournaments

Structure: Structure: Enter the number of hours it takes for the big blind to become equal to the starting stack.
Buyin (excluding juice): Buyin: Enter the amount of the buyin minus the juice.
Juice: Juice: Enter the amount of money from the total buyin that doesn’t go into the prizepool. Enter any dealer appreciation or other addons.
Intangibles: Intangibles: Enter a number between 1 and 10 that represents the intangibles surrounding the event, with 10 being the best and 1 the worst.
The TER Explained…

Our Tournament Efficiency Rating (TER) is a 1 to 20 rating that will help players compare tournaments in a fair way, giving serious players a way to determine which events are profitable for them.

We hope the TER becomes a standard so that players can use it to compare events and pressure tournament directors to use good structures and low entry fees to insure a good TER for their events. If this rating system becomes popular, we can expect tournament directors to begin checking their ratings and adjusting their tournaments to remain competitive.

So few players understand juice and structure, that many tournaments these days simply add a larger starting stack and garner huge fields, while taking a huge rake, adding in high dealer appreciation fees, and taking extra pieces of the prize pool that most players don’t notice. Common use of the TER would expose bad tournaments and put pressure on them to improve. We hope you join us in our fight to bring fair and profitable tournament poker to more poker rooms and tell your friends about us on facebook, twitter, or on your blog. Thank you!

The fields are pretty self-explanatory, but hovering over the question marks will give you extra info on how to fill them in.

A note on the Intangibles variable —

The Intangibles field offers an opportunity to figure other important factors in the rankings that are more difficult to quantify. Any money added to the prize pool by the house should come directly off the juice, but it is difficult to figure the actual number because the total field is not known beforehand. Add points to the Intangibles if the tournament has money added, as well as for things like excellent staff and setting. Tough fields in Las Vegas or inexperienced dealers should hurt a tournament’s intrinsic value, and you can take away points. Use your best judgement and a one to ten rating in the intangibles field to help determine how profitable a specific event may be for you.

Some basic guidelines for profitablity based on buy-in size —

Events below $200 with a TER above 5.0 should be profitable for a strong player. Weaker opponents make up for higher rake and faster structures, but below 5.0 a tournament becomes tougher to beat and ROI numbers will drop quickly.

Events between $200 and $600 will feature stronger players, and a TER rating above 6.5 may be necessary to beat these tournaments over a large sample.

Large events, with buy-ins above $600, should have a TER rating of at least 8.5, and a rating of 10 or higher is best. Intangibles are important here, and the likely strength of the field is the most important of these intangibles. Events in Las Vegas tend to be tougher than others, and events that are not well publicized tend to have stronger fields as well. Prestigious events that feature coveted prizes like WSoP Circuit Rings and Bracelets, or events that have had large numbers of satellites, will have weaker fields and should be rewarded with higher intangibles scores.

The scale goes to 20 but…

…we haven’t found a tournament that approaches that yet. Still, we wanted to leave some headroom for the cardrooms to really shoot for the stars!

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